The Martha's Vineyard Rotary Club should be very proud of the fact that this was the most successful year for our Scholarship Program. Since inception and our original partnership with the Bardwell Family, the partnership has continued and the program has grown in terms of participation and recognition within the community.
Our Scholarship Program had 28 applicants, more than ever before with 12 students being interviewed. We had outstanding candidates and the committee was very impressed with the caliber of students applying. Last year, the Board voted to expand the Scholarship Program. Our program is unique since we incorporate many variables and differences that other scholarships do not have. Specifically, our application process is very comprehensive; students have to verify academic success and "Service to Others, Above Self" and selected applicants must participate in an interview process. 
In addition to the $2000.00 awarded to the senior for the Diana Bardwell/Martha's Vineyard Rotary Club Scholarship, each award winner is eligible for an additional thousand dollars for each year that they remain in school and are academically successful and continue to demonstrate "Service to Others". This year, Rotary awarded $5000.00 in scholarships.
We had a very successful dinner for students and parents and would encourage Rotarians to attend this important event, as it is one of the most important and extensive programs within the Club. I personally would like to thank the following members of the Scholarship Committee - Stephanie Burke, Rosemary Blair, Tom Rosenthal, Colleen Garrett, Joan Dunayer and Jennifer Neary for their commitment and their help in creating such a positive program not only for Rotary but the community as well.
Rolfe Wenner,  Chairman of the Scholarship Program